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Sofa Cleaning

Colchester and Sudbury's Professional Sofa Cleaning Service

Picture showing company mascot sitting on clean sofa

Just like our carpets, fabric sofas and upholstery collect dirt, dust and grime over time. My upholstery cleaning service can breathe new life in to your much loved sofas and upholstery.

We wash our clothes and our bed sheets, but when did you last have your sofa cleaned? Just as our clothes and bed sheets are made of fabric our sofas are covered in fabric. Fabric will absorb our perspiration along with various airborne contaminants including allergens such as pollen and household dust.

When you consider the cost of replacing a three piece suite you appreciate that buying it was a considerable investment. Unfortunately as your sofa gets dirtier the rate of wear will increase therfore shortening the lifespan of your sofa. This is because the dirt grinds and wears away at the individual fibres of your upholstery.

Very often when cleaning a sofa the customer will say that they don't think it's very dirty but when we start the cleaning process and they can see the difference they are often quite shocked. It's a bit like repainting a white wall and only once you begin do you notice the stark difference.

My hand cleaning process for upholstery is very thorough and uses market leading professional upholstery cleaning solutions and equipment.

I first vacuum the item being cleaned to remove any surface level soil and then apply a cleaning solution which grabs on to the soil loosening its grip on the fabric. I then gently agitate the cleaning solution into the fabric using a specialised brush before leaving it to dwell for a few minutes to maximise its efficiency.

picture showing sofa cleaning process and brushing in cleaning solution
picture showing sofa cleaning process and brushing in cleaning solution

It's then time to rinse and extract the soil out using my top of the range carpet and upholstery hot water extraction machine (frequently referred to as steam cleaning). Using a hand tool attachement I rinse the item with an acidic rinse to neutralise the PH of the fabric and then everything is extracted out by the machines powerful vacuum motors. Finally the item is groomed to reset the fabric pile.

I invest in professional training to effectively and safely clean upholstery having attended courses by both Prochem and Cleansmart!

If you have any questions why not give me a call?

Psst ... Save 10% of sofa cleaning when you have 2 or more sofas cleaned! See the prices page for full details or call today.
picture showing before and after result on an armchair cleaning
picture showing before and after result of chair cleaning

See my Colchester Sofa Cleaning results for yourself:

Here I am cleaning a fixed cushion recliner sofa in Colchester.

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