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Great Value Upholstery and Carpet Cleaning in Colchester & Sudbury.

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Full House Deals:

Save up to a massive 30% OFF with these Full House Deals! Want to add a room? Get 25% off additional rooms also!

2 Bedroom House

Full Price £210.00
Offer Price £145.00

Includes up to 2 Bedrooms, Hall, Stairs, Landing and Lounge

3 Bedroom House

Full Price £230.00
Offer Price £165.00

Includes up to 3 Bedrooms, Hall, Stairs, Landing and Lounge

4 Bedroom House

Full Price £270.00
Offer Price £195.00

Includes up to 4 Bedrooms, Hall, Stairs, Landing and Lounge

Bungalows / Flats

1 / 2 Bedroom
Offer Price
£99 / £110

Includes Bedrooms, Hall and Lounge

T&Cs: Room size limits apply as per full price list. If room is over the stated size additional area will be charged at 20p per sq ft. Additional rooms may be added with 25% discount from list price.

Or choose the rooms you want from the price list:

Have 4 or more carpets cleaned and SAVE 20% OFF these carpet pick and mix prices! *

Carpet Cleaning
Max Size
Additional sq ft over max size charged at 20p per sq ft.
Entrance Hall
60 sq ft ( e.g. 10ft x 6ft)
200 sq ft (e.g. 20ft x 10ft)
Dining Room
180 sq ft ( e.g. 18ft x 10ft)
Through Lounge / Lounge Diner
360 sq ft ( e.g. 30ft x 12ft)
100 sq ft ( e.g. 10ft x 10ft)
100 sq ft ( e.g. 10ft x 10ft)
100 sq ft ( e.g. 10ft x 10ft)
Single Bedroom
100 sq ft ( e.g. 10ft x 10ft )
Double Bedroom
200 sq ft (e.g. 20ft x 10ft)
40 sq ft ( e.g. 10ft x 4ft)
Straight Staircase/Angled Staircase
(12 stairs. Additional £2.00 each)
Hall, Stairs & Landing
Max sizes as above
Additional Sq Ft
(Per additional sq ft If over maximum size)
Synthetic Rug Hand Cleaning
Synthetic only (deep pile/shaggy rugs charged extra). Wool Persian and Oriental rugs call for quote.
(4ft 6" x 2ft max)
(6ft x 4ft max)
(8ft x 6ft max)
Stain Removal/Treament
Stain Removal / Treatment Only
(Depends on type and size of stain)
Carpet Stain Guard
(per sq ft)
Upholstery Cleaning
Have 2 or more sofas or mattresses cleaned and save 10% OFF the price shown below.
Single Mattress
Double Mattress
King Size Mattress
Queen Size Mattress
Dining Chair
Prices between
Arm Chair
Love Seat
2 Seater Sofa
(Seats 2 people max)
3 Seater Sofa
(Seats 3 people max)
4 Seater Sofa
(Seats 4 people max)
4 Seat Corner Sofa
Prices between
Foot Stool (Single/double)
(Small / Large)
Scatter Cushion
(Small / Large)
£4 / £6
Caravans / Motorhomes / Campers
Carpets & Upholstery
Car Upholstery Deals
Seats + Carpets + Matts + Boot
* Minimum charge per visit is £55.00 for postcodes CO1 to CO8 and £85.00 for CO9 to CO15. Hot water, electricity and parking space required at customer premises. Carpet cleaning process includes basic single stain removal/treatment. For heavily stained carpets (multiple or large stains or pet / urine / makeup stains) call for a free site visit to quote. Lighter furniture moved where possible. For Flats only: Flats above ground floor must have a working lift and a £25.00 additional charge applies for additional loading/unloading time. Sofa deal 10% OFF applies to sofas only and excludes additional scatter cushions.

Free home quotes available. Call to book a no obligation quote today.

How I Clean Your Carpets

When searching for a carpet cleaners Colchester or Sudbury it can be tempting to try someone offering extremely cheap prices. But as they say if something appears to good to be true, it often is!

Some carpet cleaners hook you in with a cheap price and provide a cheap low quality service relying on being in and out of your home as quickly as possible and with minimum effort. Often not using professional equipment or recommended cleaning methods and known within the industry as "splash and dash" cowboys, be sure to know exactly how your chosen carpet cleaners will clean your carpets and upholstery. After all, your carpets and upholstery are an expensive investment. Take a look and see how I will professionally clean your carpets (the way recommended by carpet manufacturers themselves):

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