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Think all carpet cleaners are the same? ... Think again!

At Super Clean Carpet Cleaners I offer high quality professional carpet cleaning in Colchester and surrounding villages and towns at an affordable price!

  • Professionally trained for the best results and safe cleaning!
  • Insured for your peace of mind.
  • Top of the range professional equipment used.
  • Great value with clear upfront transparent pricing. No hidden extras!
  • Fast drying with great results.
  • 100% satisfaction Guarantee.
  • Good old fashioned customer service.
  • Customers and their homes treated with respect.

As with all professions there are those that do a good job and those that do not. Those who do things properly and those who skip corners. Carpet cleaning is no different.

Very often my customers are surprised at how thorough my process is (often they are expecting me to do the same as the last company they used). The fact that they are trying someone new however shows the last company really didn't leave a good impression. A quick whiz over the carpets and in and out in a flash. But the reality is if you want your carpets cleaned properly and professionally, there is a process to follow. The process recommended by the carpet manufacturers themselves.

Many companies are either unaware of the correct process due to not having been professionally trained or they choose to skip steps as doing it properly is hard work and takes time!

There's also companies quoting very cheap prices and on arrival advising that you need a more expensive method! This is called "a bait and switch" and is actually illegal! Hooking you with a cheap offer and then hiking the price up drastically when they arrive.

If you want a carpet cleaning company in Colchester or Sudbury who will just skim over the top of the carpet with their machine (offering a very basic clean), there are companies out there that will do that. If however you want someone who takes pride in their work, is professionally trained and follows the recommended deep cleaning process proven to generate the best results, there are companies like mine. It will take me a full day to clean the carpets in an average 4 bedroom house. Whilst the "splash and dash" cowboys as they are known within the industry, will be in and out of the same house within an 2 hours! You can imagine what kind of quality job they will do!

You can meet me and see how I will clean your carpets on the video on the home page or read about my ten step carpet cleaning process below.

Picture showing carpet cleaning machine
photo example of carpet cleaning results standard room
photo example of carpet cleaning results in a lounge

"Mark's service is exemplary! I regularly use carpet cleaners as I have a medium size dog and teenager about the house, so keeping cream wool carpets clean is no mean feat. Having used several carpet cleaners before, Mark's undertakings are by far, best in class. He is extremely knowledgeable, prepared, experienced and professional. The results were very impressive and the carpets were left almost bone dry. I will without doubt be using Mark's services from here on."

Mrs Humroy, Colchester

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My Ten Step Carpet Cleaning Process

1) Pre Cleaning Inspection

Soiling: Check the depth of soil and signs of permanent staining.
Fixings: Look for poor gripper fixings as this could increase the risk of shrinkage in woven carpets.
Seams: Look for poorly jointed seams which could split during cleaning through water or excess heat.
Backings: Check the type of backing to identify if it is at risk from moisture issues.

2) Carpet Tests

Dye Bleed Test: Check carpet dyes are stable to cleaning solutions and will not bleed.
Fibre Tests: Used to identify which material or materials the carpet fibre is made from to enable the correct cleaning solution for that type of fibre to be used. Also gives strong indication as to whether stains are likely to be removable.

3) Power Brush Vacuum

Lighter furniture such as sofas moved. Carpet is thoroughly vacuumed with a power brush attachment to lift away surface soil and to raise the pile ready for pre spray cleaning solution. This is essential to ensure that when the deep cleaning begins maximum soil from within the carpet is removed.

4) Stain Removal / Treatment

Any specialised stain removal or treatment is attempted prior to the deep cleaning process. This is to ensure the full depth of the stain within the pile is removed/improved.

5) Spray Pre-treatment

A specifically formulated traffic lane cleaner to dissolve greasy soils and loosen soil within the pile ready for extraction. The cleaning solution used will be chosen based upon the fibre identification test.

6) Mechanical Agitation

The sprayed pre-treatment is worked into the carpet pile using a mechanical agitation device which has counter rotating brushes to reach deep in to the pile. The Pre-treatment is then left for anywhere between 3-15 minutes to get to work on loosening the soil.

7) Hot Water Extraction

I use the top of the range Airflex Storm hot water extraction machine (commonly referred to as steam cleaning) to clean deep in to the carpet. This powerful machine sprays a rinse into the carpet fibres and extracts the soil away from the carpet and back into the machine.

8) Hand Detailing

Required edges, stairs and other inaccessible area are cleaned by hand using the appropriate cleaning solution as determined by the initial tests.

9) Reset Pile & Furniture

The pile is reset with a carpet brush to avoid leaving any marks caused by the carpet pile drying at different angles. Furniture pads or foil protectors are placed under any moved furniture as it is put back in place to avoid rust marks from metal legs or dye bleed from wooden furniture legs while the carpet dries.

10) Final Inspection

A final inspection is carried out across all areas cleaned to ensure everything is as clean as possible and that nothing has been missed.

For when you want the job done right!
Call Super Clean Carpet and Upholstery Cleaners today.


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