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Hints, advice & useful tips on keeping your carpets clean and in great condition

Picture showing stain in carpet

Stain removal. The basics.

Unfortunately with the best of intentions our pristine new carpets dont stay looking like new for long! In this blog I talk about how to tackle stains in your carpets. + read blog
Picture showing asthmatic

Benefits of carpets vs hard floors.

In this blog post the benefits of carpets over laminate or hard flooring are discussd. What are the potential health implications and benefits of each? + read blog
picture of cowboy

Choosing a carpet cleaner.

With so many companies to choose from what are the potential pitfalls of choosing the wrong company? What to look for and also what to avoid. + read blog
picture of carpet bugs

What calls your carpet home and why don't they pay rent?

What lives beneath our feet and what are the feeding on?
+ read blog

photo of stain protector on carpet

Carpet stain protectors. Are they worth it?

Upcoming blog coming soon!
picture of lady on carpet

How often should you have your carpets cleaned and why?

Upcoming blog coming soon!
photo showing filtration mark on carpet

Dealing with filtration marks and what are they?

Upcoming blog coming soon!
photo of a mattress

How often should you have your mattress cleaned?

Upcoming blog coming soon!
photo of sofa

How I clean sofas to keep them looking great.

Upcoming blog coming soon!

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